Timeworn Records

Abaroth – Dosed MC
100 Copies on Red Shells, Black Imprint

As the title proclaims, the obscure New England cult has broke on through to the other side with an astonishing heavy black metal EP. ‘Dosed’ is intended to supplement independent Psychedelic research and carnal passion, as these spells recant the power of sexual passion and desire. Meticulously recorded on the hottest days of Summer 2021 and mastered in the band’s motherland of Quebec at Tehom Studios, Timeworn Records is wicked high on a black metal release that feels like Quorthon jamming with Ace Frehley and John Christ. FFO Venom, (old) Running Wild, Motorhead and Tormentor, playing in space.

1. An Endless Array of Colors and Diverse Lifeforms
2. Consensually Exchanging Bodily Fluids
3. Sex Magician
4. Six Bats and a Shooting Star

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