ARMORY – Mercurion CD


CD w/ sticker

Hoove Child says: Back in 2018 we released the previous album, The Search, from these Swedish speed metal maniacs. If you are looking for fast and frantic speed metal…try Armory on for size. We love ’em.

The album takes the listener through a dramatic journey aboard the starship Mercurion, named after the god Mercurius – the winged messenger of the gods, protector of travelers, and god of boundaries between worlds. ARMORY’s now-trademark hyper-speed metal is more powerful and poignant than ever, pushing their boundaries of epic storytelling, mesmerizing hooks, and explosive solos whilst retaining their core sound. The production, in kind, carries the perfect balance of dirt and drama, grime and gleam, making their melodicism sound ever more effervescent while making sure this is the sound of five actual humans playing together as a band.

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