Dystopian Dogs 2023 New/Sealed

Extremely arcane, weird black metal from Flint, MI – for fans of Darkthrone, Bathory, Ancient Seance, Panopticon, etc. Hoove Child had the pleasure of seeing Baazlvaat live early in 2023 and was completely blown away by the live show – total commitment on the stage is rare – obliviousness to trends is even more rare. The recordings do not quite match that power, however they do confirm that Baazlvaat are 100% doing their own the thing the way they want. All their recordings up to the latest (Incredible World 2023) are incredibly interesting, incredibly lo-fi (ARCANE) and require some “work” to hear the creativity in their arrangements. If you invest the time and open your mind you may also see their vision.

1-1 Nocte Anima 8:53
1-2 The Death Of Jesse 2:21
1-3 Soul Seeker Pt.1 Entrance Through Form 9:06
1-4 As Death Materializes 6:08
1-5 Halaal 4:39
1-6 The Elusive Zolgorm 7:58
1-7 Ethereal Monarch Of A Vast Desolate Plane 9:48
1-8 Spheres Of Influence 0:49
2-9 Hope Is The Thing With Claws 6:25
2-10 Jig Of Nihilistic Consciousness 1:11
2-11 Soul Seeker Pt.2 Exit Through Form 7:36
2-12 Requiem Mass 8:05
2-13 Incessant Dismal Intoxication 1:05
2-14 House Of Chairs 8:14
2-15 A Strange Way Of Means And Communication 0:52
2-16 A Gift From The Sky 8:48
2-17 The Fatal Error Of A Human Kind 8:27

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