DEATHSLAUGHTER – The Last Great War of Humanity MC


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Deathslaüghter – The Last Great War of Humanity MC

Limited to 100 Copies on Clear Shell

2018 Welcomed an impressive EP entitled ‘Resurrection of an Antediluvian Demon’ from Brazil’s Deathslaüghter, featuring the attitude and vision of grand master Count Demonlust. Timeworn Records is thrilled to present the debut full length. Cut from the same same ‘RoaAD’ sessions and containing reworked tracks from the 2017 ‘Resurreción’ demo, ‘The Last Great War of Humanity’ is yet another triumph for Metal, catapulting the Brazilian troop with a bombardment of force and power. Deathslaüghter is a must for fans of everything old wave, Italian HC and Japanese Punk. Pounding D-beats. Evil Blasphemies. Sinister laughs. Haunting omens. Only South America is real.

1. Necrobestials
2. Demons from the Fifth Dimension
3. Sons of Impure Orgies
4. Potential Genociders
5. The Last Great War of Humanity
6. Apokaylipse (bonus)

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