GORATORY – Sour Grapes MC


Timeworn Records

Goratory – Sour Grapes MC
150 Copies on Black Shells

Side A
1. Rat King
2. Losing Streak
3. I Shit Your Pants
4. Bottom Feeder
Side B
5. Evolutionary Wart
6. The People’s Temple
7. Seth Putnam Was a Sensitive Man
8. Back to the Grinding Machine

Timeworn Records couldn’t be happier to release the album with the most balls in 2020. Our heroes have returned to save us from the horrifically boring, stale, redundant and seriously mediocre state that Death Metal has become over the past 10 years. Our worldwide crisis management team is in the insane blast beats, wild bass playing, absurdly technical guitar and insane vocals business, and business blows on the world wide index right now. So here’s the deal with this dose before you drop: it’s not for slow pokes, amateurs, rubes, try hards or nostalgic trendsters. This shit kills.



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