SARCOMANCY – Valley of Algae MC


Timeworn Records (USA)


A collection of demos tracked in 2010 and 2011 featuring a trio of Black Metal crazed disciples from the Blackstone Valley of Massachusetts. Fans of ’95 and ’96 Black Metal by the likes of Taake, Kvist, Immortal and Sacramentum will enjoy.

“This is relatively dexterous black metal with a more prominent bass presence than the norm,…it adds a nice, almost classic heavy metal (Steve Harris-on-amphetamines) texture which lends some vibrancy and pulse to the streaming chords…..very mid-90s appeal in how they contrast against the vocals, but I’d also point out that the leads and bridge elements here possess a semi-speed/heavy metal charisma to them which works rather successfully….Romanticism inherent to Quebecois black metal is infused with a more savage Norse or Swedish convention”

1. Valley of Algae
2. Frayed and Singed by Dawn
3. Seperate the Dead
4. Heat of a Thousand Suns




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