New Releases: Satanic Panic and Satan’s Hallow (2nd press) 10/05/2019

It is exciting to announce two upcoming releases…a double does of satan!

Coming June 21, the next Hoove Child tape release will be HCR-021 – Satanic Panic – S/T demo cassette. 3 tracks of excellent and evil soul sellin’ action rock n roll from Chicago. For fans of The Hellacopters, Humbucker, Black Trip/VOJD, etc. Probably the best cover art for any Hoove Child release so far, too! Check out the first track “Bombs Away” here:
Preorders will start early in June.

Due to a really high demand, we decided to make a second pressing of the Satan’s Hallow full length cassette. There will be 100 hand numbered cassettes on clear shells (the first pressing was 100 on translucent red shells). Release date May 24. I know I said this would not be pressed again, but we had so many asking that I think it is the right thing to do. It really has come full circle as this was the first release from Hoove Child Records about 2 years ago! Cheers!

Preorder on bandcamp (Includes digital):

Preorder on webshop:

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