Remembered Steel Vol. 1 CD in stock this week 01/07/2019

The Remembered Steel Vol. 1 CD’s will be coming in stock this week.  Preorder in the Hoove Child webshop or through bandcamp at the link below.

Remembered Steel Vol. 1 compiles Angel Sword’s “Kallio Rock City” 7 inch, Freeways’ “Cold Front” 7 inch, and Tanith’s “Citadel” 7 inch on one CD.

Co-released by Hoove Child and Underground Power Records
Professionally pressed silver CD in jewel case with 8 page booklet with full lyrics
All audio remastered specifically for this release
Fully authorized and released in cooperation with the bands

1. Angel Sword – Kallio Rock City
2. Angel Sword – Satan Wears Leather
3. Freeways – One For The Road
4. Freeways – Cold Front
5. Freeways – New Drag City
6. Tanith – Citadel
7. Tanith – Eleven Years

Preorder on bandcamp (includes digital of Angel Sword and Freeways tracks; Tanith tracks are not included due to contractual obligations to Metal Blade Records).

If you are in Europe, please order direct from Underground Power Records by emailing

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